A new brand has arrived at “Haneda Star Sweets”! "HOUSE CHEESE CAKE" "Brûlémerise" "atelier Kyoto Baum" "Curry no Kuchi"

“HOUSE CHEESE CAKE,” “Brûlémerize,” “atelier Kyoto Baum,” and “Curry no Kuchi” will open at “Haneda Star Sweets*” from April 3rd.

If you come to Haneda Star Sweets, you can always come across the hottest products. You will surely be satisfied with your souvenirs for your family and gifts for loved ones.

* A select shop of sweets that launches a star brand that opened in December 2008 from Haneda Airport nationwide and worldwide.

Operating Hours 7: 00-20: 00
* Business hours are subject to change.
  • 「HOUSE CHEESE CAKE」「ブリュレメリゼ」
  • 「atelier京ばあむ」「カレーのくち」
Sales location Terminal 1 2F Marketplace

Handling brand

HOUSE CHEESE CAKE product introduction
*Sales period: April 3 2024 (Wed)-July 4 2024 (Thu)

``Cheesecake to eat cheese'' Bringing a new type of cheesecake to dining tables around the world, featuring various cheeses enjoyed at dining tables all over the world.

The representative product is Basque cheesecake Classic S
This is a cheesecake made without using any additives.

Basque cheesecake classic S

Representative products
Basque cheesecake classic S

Quantity: 1 hole (diameter 9cm)
Price: 1,200 yen (tax included)
Shelf life (*estimated after purchase): 3 days (including sale date)
Specific raw materials: milk ingredients, eggs

Brûlémerize product introduction
*Sales period: April 3 2024 (Wed)-July 4 2024 (Thu)

What if the effort of ``brûlée'' could make sweets even more delicious?
This is a Brûlée sweets specialty store born from this idea.

The representative product is brûlée cream tart.
A masterpiece with a fragrant crispy texture that is made by pouring a melty, soft cream with a mellow custard flavor into a cocotte tart and brûléed over an open flame to create a crispy, aromatic texture.

Brulee cream tart

Representative products
Brulee cream tart

Quantity: 4 pieces
Price: 907 yen (tax included)
Shelf life (*estimated after purchase): 14 days (including sale date)
Specified raw materials: wheat, eggs, milk (*Manufactured in equipment that uses peanuts and walnuts.)

atelier Kyo Baum product introduction
*Sales period: April 3 2024 (Wed)-July 4 2024 (Thu)

This is Kyoto's largest sweets museum that you can enjoy seeing, touching, and tasting, featuring "Kyoto," "Matcha," and "Baumkuchen" throughout.

Representative products are Kyoto Baum
Baumkuchen from Kyoto is made with three layers of Uji matcha and soy milk, and is characterized by its moist and fluffy texture.
In addition to the regular package, atelier Kyoto Baum limited package will also be available.

Kyo Baum

Representative products
Kyo Baum

Quantity: 1 piece
Price: 1,490 yen (tax included)
Shelf life (*estimated after purchase): 5 to 7 days (at room temperature)
Specific raw materials, etc.: wheat, eggs, milk

Curry no Kuchi product introduction
*Sales period: April 3 2024 (Wed)-July 4 2024 (Thu)

Curry no Kuchi is a ``spice curry shop specializing in spices.''
Individually wrapped in easy-to-eat bite-sized pieces. It satisfies the ``curry taste'' of various people.

The representative product is curry kuchi curry sen.
We have combined 15 types of spices in our unique combination to bring out the flavor of the spices.
This is a representative product of our brand that has a slightly less spicy taste, allowing you to enjoy the aroma and flavor of spices.

Curry's Kuchi Curry Sen

Representative products
Curry's Kuchi Curry Sen

Quantity: 33g
Price: 594 yen (tax included)
long shelf life (*Estimated after purchase): 120 days
Specific raw materials, etc.: wheat