Advertisements & Events

Electric Signboard Advertisements Image

Electric Signboard Advertisements / Short-Term Poster Advertisements

We provide total production of over 300 illuminated signboards and advertising materials in the terminal. From long-term advertisements to short-term advertisements, we will introduce advertisements in the terminal.

Video Advertisements

Video Advertisements

We also offer video advertisements as a medium to broadcast an effective message to departing passengers with images, sound and text. A unique characteristic of this video medium is the way that targets can be segmented by destination through our network that spans all gates.

Event Space Rental

The main floor of the market place is a PR space in Big Bird that is very effective at attracting customers. To make the airport more active, we hold promotions for new products and seasonal events there.

Terminal 1
Terminal 1 Picture

2F Marketplace

Terminal 2
Terminal 2 Picture 1

2F Marketplace

Terminal 2 2F Map

Terminal 2 2F

Terminal 2 Picture 2

5F Marketplace

Terminal 2 5F Map

Terminal 2 5F

Terminal 3
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4F Edo Stage

Terminal 3 4F Map

Terminal 3 4F

Terminal 3 Picture 2

5F Festival Plaza

Terminal 3 5F Map

Terminal 3 5F


Use the below contact information for more information on advertising within the Haneda Airport Terminal. Please direct any questions you may have there.

Person in charge: Big Wing Sales Department Advertising Event Division
Phone Number 03-5757-8283
Website Big Wing Homepage