New brand appears in "Haneda Star Sweets"
"Kasho Sanzen" "Bvlgari Il Chocolate" "Shinjuku Takano" "Hachi by PRESS BUTTER SAND"

In addition to “Kashō Sanzen”, “Shinjuku Takano” and “Hachi by PRESS BUTTER SAND”, which have been opened from January 6th at “Haneda Star Sweets *”, “Bvlgari Il Chocolate” will open from February 1st.

If you come to Haneda Star Suites, you can always come across the hottest products. You will surely be satisfied with your souvenirs for your family and gifts for loved ones.

* A select shop of sweets that launches a star brand that opened in December 2008 from Haneda Airport nationwide and worldwide.

business hours 7: 00-20: 00
* Business hours are subject to change.
phone 「菓匠三全」「ブルガリ イル・チョコラート」03-5757-8127(特選洋菓子館代表番号)
「新宿高野」「八 by PRESS BUTTER SAND」03-5757-8125(特選和菓子館代表番号)
Inquiries about this matter Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. Retail Sales Dept.
Telephone 03-5757-8517 (9: 00 ~ 17: 30) ※ Saturday, Sundays and holidays except Date
Sales location Terminal 1 2F Marketplace

Handling brand

Product introduction of Kasho Sanzen
* Sales period: January 6 2023 (Fri) to March 31 2023 (Fri)

Since its founding, Kasho Sanzen has been working hard in its business in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, with the aim of "making confectionery that satisfies customers."
In the Reiwa era, we want to create new Japanese confectionery, and want more customers to know about it. With that in mind, we opened a shop under the name of Kasho Sanzen for the first time outside Tohoku at Tokyo Station, which is the "center of Japan, the starting point for all journeys."
"Hagi no Choshi Kira" is a sister product of Sendai's famous confection "Hagi no Tsuki", which was born as a new Japanese confectionery. It is a sweet that expresses a shining image, created with a brand new feeling.

The representative product is Hagi-no-tone Kira
We cooked "white custard cream" using our original recipe using pure "white eggs". It is wrapped in a white castella dough made from carefully selected wheat flour and finished in an easy-to-eat size.

Confectionery Sanzen

Representative product
Hagi no Tone Glitter
Quantity: 6 pieces
Price: 1,300 yen (tax included)
Shelf life: 14 days
Specific raw materials: Wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans

Bvlgari Il Chocolate Product Introduction
* Sales period: February 1 2023 (Wed) to March 31 2023 (Fri)

Chocolate with the name "gems" - Chocolate Gems.
Each one is carefully handcrafted at a workshop in Tokyo.

Representative product is San Valentino 2023
These chocolate gems are full of admiration and love for nature, thoughts of valuing the environment, and hopes for the future.

Bvlgari Il Chocolate

Representative product
San Valentino 2023
Quantity: 4 pieces
Price: 5,200 yen (tax included)
Shelf life: 12 to 20 days
Specific raw materials: wheat, milk ingredients, almonds, oranges, soybeans, apples

Product introduction of Shinjuku Takano
* Sales period: January 6 2023 (Fri) to March 31 2023 (Fri)

Shinjuku Takano Co., Ltd. Founded in October 1885 (Meiji 18) Company motto "Let's value traditional credit and serve society through commerce" 137 years as a fruit specialty store in Shinjuku. We are developing a large number of products to fully enjoy the charm of fruits.

Representative product is creamy melon bread / 4 pieces of creamy melon bread
Melon bread baked with melon puree added to the dough, cream, and skin dough.

creamy melon bread

Representative product
Creamy Melon Bread / 4 Creamy Melon Breads
Quantity: Single item/4 pieces
Price: Single item 280 yen (tax included) / 4 pieces 1,209 yen (tax included)
Shelf life: Enjoy on the day
Specified raw materials: eggs, wheat, milk ingredients

8 by PRESS BUTTER SAND product introduction
* Sales period: January 6 2023 (Fri) to March 31 2023 (Fri)

It is a store that expresses the deliciousness of butter as Japanese sweets by drawing out the maximum from traditional Japanese manufacturing methods and unique Japanese ingredients.

The representative product is Japanese butter sandwich <Kinako Azuki>
Two kinds of carefully selected soybean flour and rice flour are kneaded into a crunchy cookie with plenty of adzuki bean butter cream.


Representative product
Japanese Butter Sand <Soybean Flour Azuki>
Quantity: 4 pieces
Price: 1,188 yen (tax included)
Shelf life: 7 days warranty
Specific raw materials: Wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans