In addition to the delicious hamburgers of Mos Burger, you can also enjoy original sweets and cafe drinks limited to Mos Burger & Cafe that Mos Burger does not have.
Please spend your time as you wish while feeling the laid-back time and coziness of a cafe.

Currently, our business hours are shorter than usual. For the latest information on our opening hours, please see the related information.

  • T3
  • 4F
  • Snacks and fast food
  • Cafe
  • open 24 hours
  • Before security check
  • After receiving your baggage
  • With alcohol
  • Takeout allowed
  • Child menu
  • Vegetarian support
  • Decaf drink options

Shop Information


Terminal 3 4F EDO KOJI 2

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Operating Hours
  1. ■Basic business hours

    open 24 hours

Currently, our business hours are shorter than usual.
Please check the related information for the latest business hours.


Mos Burger, Teriyaki Burger, Moss Burger



Phone Number


Payment Method
credit card
  • VISA
  • AMEX
  • JCB
Electronic money
  • Rakuten Edy
  • Transportation IC (Suica / PASMO etc.)
  • iD
  • UnionPay card
  • WAON
Other payment methods
  • Moss card (Mos Burger original prepaid card)

Takeout menu available, open 24 hours
38 seats

For other halal and Vegetarian menus, see below.