Wrapping Service

A wrapping service is available.

This is provided for customers who would like to have their baggage (suitcases, etc.) wrapped in stretch film.

As well as protecting baggage from scratches, etc., this also acts as an antitheft system, etc.

List of Places

There is no wrapping service at Terminal 1.
​ ​Please check another terminal.

Wrapping Service T2 (Terminal 2)
YAMATO TRANSPORT CO., LTD. 3F International Departure Lobby
Wrapping Service T3 (Terminal 3)
Wrapping Service
  • Opening Hours24 hours * Business hours are subject to change. Go here for more information.
  • Fees (tax incl.) Baggage where size (width/depth/height) is less than 160 cm in total: 1,500 yen, baggage where size (width/depth/height) is 160 cm or greater in total: 2,500 yen, non-standard items (golf bags, etc.): 2,500 yen
3F Departure Lobby