Shower Room

Each room is equipped with towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and hair dryers.

Please note that we do not accept reservations.

List of Places

There is no shower room in Terminal 1.
Please check another terminal.

Shower Room T2 (Terminal 2)
  • Opening Hours6:00-19:30
  • Fees (Tax incl.)​ ​1,100 yen for 30 minutes. A separate entrance fee to the Power Lounge is required.
Shower Room
  • Opening Hours5:00-10:00 (last entry at  9:30) / 16:00-22:00 (ast entry at 21:30)
  • phone number03-6428-5831
  • No. of rooms10 rooms
  • Fees (Tax incl.)1,500 yen per 30 minutes, 750 yen for each additional 15 minutes thereafter (per person)
1F Domestic Arrival Lobby
T2 Shower Room entrance image
T2 Shower Room image
Shower Room T3 (Terminal 3)
Shower Room
  • Opening Hours24 hours
  • Phone Number​ ​03-6428-0684
  • No. of rooms
    Shower Room (Shower Room, Washstand): 21 rooms
    Refresh Room (Shower Room, Washstand, Reclining Chair): 5 rooms
  • Fees (Tax incl.)
    Shower Room: 1,500 yen/30 minutes (750 yen for each additional 15 minutes thereafter) *per person
    Refresh Room: 3,000 yen/60 minutes (1,500 yen for each additional 30 minutes thereafter) *per person
2F Arrival Lobby
T3 Shower Room image
T3 Shower Room image