Within Haneda Airport Passenger Terminal there are various facilities not only for the use of aircraft, but also for the enjoyment of comfortable spaces. We hope you will enjoy the charms and highlights that enable you to spend your waiting time during transit or your day’s schedule in a way that is worthwhile.

List of Places

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Amusements​ ​T3 (Terminal 3)
  • EDO KOJI is a genuine Edo townscape reproduced by some of today’s master artisans using traditional Japanese construction methods. The many shops here have been carefully selected to convey the art of culture and tradition by transmitting the appeal of a new Japan, a new Tokyo, from Haneda Airport.
Haneda Nihonbashi Bridge
  • The Haneda Nihonbashi Bridge symbolizes the first step towards travel. Made entirely of Yoshino Cypress, the bridge recreates the Edo period Nihonbashi Bridge at roughly half the width and length. The original Nihonbashi Bridge was at the center of Edo, loved by the people of the time and was the starting point for many a journey. Use the bridge as your departure point to the skies of today, and perhaps you will feel like something about this trip in particular is going to be a little bit different. The wall is decorated with replicas of Edo period folding screens from the National Museum of Japanese History. They depict various famous locations throughout Edo, showing the bustling activity of the ancient city through murals on porcelain panels.
4F Restaurants & Shops
Festival Plaza
  • In this event space, with its vending machine selling wooden tags, visitors to the terminal are recording their dreams and wishes in writing on traditional wooden tags. You can draw energy and courage from looking at many people’s dreams and wishes decorating the wall.
General Area (1 location)
  • In this passageway space that runs from Festival Plaza toward the Observation Deck, there are model planes on display from various airlines operating international flights to Haneda Airport, producing a sense of anticipation for the airport, aircraft and air travel.
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  • Enjoy work scenes at Haneda Airport, short movies related to airplanes, special vehicles, new flight routes, and Haneda Airport quizzes.
Much More about HANEDA!