Regarding collective use for purposes other than boarding in Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Thank you for always using Haneda Airport.
In order to ensure that all customers can use our services with peace of mind and comfort, we ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the following matters.

If you are planning to gather at Haneda Airport Terminal 2 for group practice before a school trip, excursion, etc. other than using a school-related aircraft, please contact us at least one month in advance of the gathering date. Thank you for your understanding.
Regarding group practice, etc., please avoid large crowds and busy periods (Golden Week, Obon, New Year's holidays), and consider holding them at other times.
If there is a high volume of users and it is expected that terminal operations will be disrupted, we may ask you to change the date, meeting time, and meeting location.
[About advance notification of use of Haneda Airport for purposes other than boarding]
  1. 学校関係専用メールアドレス(へご連絡ください。 
 件名:【学校名】+ 空港利用日
 本文: 学校名(旅行会社名)、ご担当者様、連絡先
     例 【●●高等学校】2024年5月20日
        学校 太郎 03-1234-5678
        旅行会社の場合は、◎◎旅行会社 旅行 次郎 03-2345-6789
  1. We will send a preliminary contact form to the person in charge.
  2. Please fill out and reply to the advance contact form. Reception deadline: Until one month before the meeting date
  3. After arrival, we will reply to you with an email confirming usage approval within one week.
*During the following periods, we ask that you refrain from group practices, excursions, etc. as congestion is expected.

[Many customers/busy period]
・ April 26 2024 (Fri)-May 12 2024 (Sunday)
・ August 2 2024 (Fri)-August 18 (Sun)
・ December 20 2024 (Fri)-January 5 2025 (Sun)

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