[Important] Please be careful about "fake sites" that pretend to be TIAT DUTY FREE duty-free pre-order sites.

Dear Customer,

This time, we have confirmed the existence of a fake site pretending to be the TIAT DUTY FREE duty-free pre-order site operated by our group.

Such fake sites have nothing to do with our group.

The fake site that was confirmed this time illegally uses the name, logo, and in-store image photos of TIAT DUTY FREE, making it appear as if it is operated by TIAT DUTY FREE, offering various duty-free items at greatly discounted prices. It is displayed as if it can be purchased.

If you use a fake site, your ID, password, or personal information may be illegally obtained, the product may not be delivered even after payment for the product has been paid, fake products may be sent, or your credit card may be used fraudulently. You may be harmed.
Customers should be careful not to Access fake sites, enter IDs, passwords, or personal information, place orders, or make payments.

In the unlikely event that you have entered your credit card information on a fake site, please contact the credit card company as soon as possible to stop using the card.
In addition, if you enter the ID and password used for official EC sites operated by our group such as TIAT DUTY FREE on a fake site, please change your password immediately.

The official EC site operated by our group is as follows.


・HANEDA Shopping

・Haneda Sanchoku Selection


If you have been victimized by using a fake site, please consult with the nearest police station or the cybercrime consultation desk at the headquarters of each prefectural police.

・Prefectural Police Headquarters List of Cyber Crime Counseling Counters

・Consumer Affairs Agency Website

In addition, if we discover a fake site like this one, we will report it to the police and related ministries.