About the implementation of the new coronavirus infectious disease monitoring test by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government at Haneda Airport

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will carry out tests in places with a lot of people, traffic connections, etc. in order to prevent the re-spread of infection by detecting people infected with the new coronavirus at an early stage, and will carry out PCR monitoring tests to detect signs of infection. Will be carried out at Haneda Airport Terminals 1 and 2.

【Implementation period】
Ryowa 3 years June 3 (Thu)- Ryowa three years late June (planned)

【Implementation time】
13: 00-19: 00 (subject to change depending on implementation status)

Haneda airport
Terminal 1 1st floor Arrival Lobby near arrival gate 6
Near Arrival Exit 5 in the Arrival Lobby 1st floor of Terminal 2

[Those who can be inspected]
・ Those who agree to carry out the inspection and provide information on the results to Tokyo
(Please check locally for details)

[Inspection procedure]
①Register examinee information and submit consent form at the inspection site
② Collect saliva with the test kit given at the test site (about 5 minutes)
③ Submit the inspection kit to the collection box inside the inspection venue and leave.
④ Send the result to the registered e-mail address after the inspection result is known.

[People who fall under the following cannot take the test]
・ Those who have been diagnosed with a new type of coronavirus infection at the time of inspection, or those who have been diagnosed with the same infection
・ Those who have symptoms such as dyspnea (dyspnea), strong fatigue (malaise), fever of 37.5 ° C or higher, or low-grade fever or mild cold that lasts for 4 days or longer.
・ Those who have been diagnosed with a new type of coronavirus infection in the past.