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Domestic Travel Insurance internet contract service

AIG Sompo
Are you okay if you suddenly get injured while traveling? AIG Sompo Domestic Travel Accident Insurance

JI Insurance
Tabiho Domestic Travel JI Accident and Fire Insurance website

Overseas Travel Insurance Internet contract service

Tokio Marine & Nichido
Tokio Marine & Nichido

  • Only those traveling overseas using Haneda Airport can apply.

Sompo Japan Insurance
Click here for new Overseas Travel Insurance off!

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
Click here to apply for Net de Insurance @ Travel

AIG Sompo
Your travel partner

JI Insurance
Tabiho, an online-only Overseas Travel Insurance with risk-specific classification

Sales and solicitation to customers

We will strive to satisfy customers from the viewpoint of customers.

Sales of insurance and other financial products

  • Comprehensively consider necessary items according to product characteristics such as customer's product knowledge, purchase experience, purchase purpose, property status, etc. The
  • In particular, for investment products that involve market risk, we will endeavor to provide an appropriate explanation of the content of that risk.
  • We do not solicit customers in times, places or methods that cause inconvenience to customers.
  • We will endeavor to ensure that customers understand important matters regarding products correctly. In addition, we will endeavor to provide an appropriate explanation according to the sales format.

In various correspondence

  • We will endeavor to respond promptly, appropriately and carefully to inquiries from customers.
  • We will endeavor to respond promptly, appropriately and carefully when claiming insurance claims.
  • We will make use of customer opinions and requests in sales activities.

We will comply with various laws and regulations and strive to properly sell insurance and other financial products.

  • We will comply with the Insurance Business Law, the Law on Sales of Financial Products, the Consumer Contract Law, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, the Law on the Protection of Personal Information, and other related laws and regulations.
  • In order to carry out appropriate sales, we will work to improve the administrative management system and train sales personnel.
  • In addition to respecting customer privacy, we will properly handle and strictly manage customer information.

The above policy is our “solicitation policy” based on the “Act on the Sales of Financial Products” (Act No. 101 of 2000).