Excellent Haneda Airport international Taxi platform

Hospitality Taxi
Excellent Taxi stand ECD
International Taxi In the hall, available at ease foreign passenger to move or sightseeing in Tokyo Taxi But, will welcome always.
Haneda Airport International Excellence Taxi The hall is operated as a stand that can be applied to the flat-rate fare that you are able to use with confidence to foreign passengers, the entry permit to enter Taxi For, carrying the finger-pointing foreign language sheet (communications card), how to take advantage of the same sheet, such as strict enforcement of the doors and trunk service international flights Taxi Training and for the appropriate to stop "hospitality", the driver who has completed a "foreign passenger English Seggu training" to crew Taxi It is limited to.
Also, Taxi We conducted a test test to the driver wishing to further rank up in the center, the successful candidates "ENGLISH CERTIFIED DRIVER" As it has been published to HP. Communication can be taken in English set up a dedicated lane that only can be entry permit to enter the test successful applicants to the waiting station Taxi Select a complimentary ride.

About links to fixed fare

It is a platform where a fixed fare is applied depending on the destination. For details, please see the Website of the Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association. In addition, please see the Website of the Kanagawa Taxi Association for details on fixed fares for the Keihin Transportation Area (Yokohama City, Kawasaki City, Yokosuka City and Miura City).

Taxi evaluation system

Excellent Taxi display board
Excellent Taxi display Taxi
Tokyo Taxi"From TripAdvisor magazine Taxi Although a comprehensive evaluation of the service "has already gotten the world of evaluation, Taxi Center better quality in Taxi In order to facilitate the provision of services, corporate Taxi Introduced the "evaluation system relating to safety and services" to the operators, we have commended the good business person. The user in the business who have received a good evaluation has issued an excellent display panel so that you can identify.
Also, Taxi In the center, the person who traffic violation and sales violation there is no customer service attitude set an example of good and the other driver was commended as an excellent driver, you have to deliver excellent driver license.