Notice about the disruptive seeing off and waiting for athletes and celebrities in the Terminal 3 departure and arrival lobbies

We are committed to maintaining a user-friendly environment for all the passengers at our airport and ask that everyone refrain from interfering with these efforts in line with the "Passenger Terminal 3 Service Regulations."
However, we have witnessed alarming behavior, especially from those waiting for celebrities in the lobby (who occupy chairs for long periods of time, create disturbances, leave trash, and interfere with airport security) and are continuously receiving complaints and requests from other customers to handle this issue as the company in charge of the terminal. In addition, we have also received various requests regarding the safety of celebrities from their respective managers.
We believe proper measures are necessary for maintaining a safe and user-friendly airport and will take action as such regarding the seeing off and waiting for athletes and celebrities. Any and all malicious behavior will be reported to the police.