New brand appears in "Haneda Star Sweets"
"Yokohama Caramel Lab" "Gramercy New York"
"Kuroichiya" "Sinful chestnut"

"Yokohama Caramel Lab", "Gramercy New York", "Kuroichiya" and "Sinful Chestnut" will open in "Haneda Star Sweets *" from October 1st.

If you come to Haneda Star Suites, you can always come across the hottest products. You will surely be satisfied with your souvenirs for your family and gifts for loved ones.

* A select shop of sweets that launches a star brand that opened in December 2008 from Haneda Airport nationwide and worldwide.

business hours 8: 00-18: 00
* Business hours are subject to change.
phone 「横浜キャラメルラボ」「グラマシーニューヨーク」03-5757-8127(特選洋菓子館代表番号)
Inquiries about this matter Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. Retail Sales Dept.
Telephone 03-5757-8517 (9: 00 ~ 17: 30) ※ Saturday, Sundays and holidays except Date
Sales location Terminal 1 2F Marketplace

Handling brand

Product introduction of Yokohama Caramel Lab
* Sales period: October 1 2021 (Fri) November 30 (Tue)

A store specializing in "raw caramel" that floats on a small wharf in Yokohama.
Please enjoy the melting blissful raw texture and the true taste of caramel.

Representative product is Yokohama raw caramel assortment BOX
The pastry chef was cooked in a copper pan until it was twice as concentrated.
A blissful "rich butter caramel" that melts in your mouth.
This is the most popular assortment box containing 10 types of each.

Yokohama Caramel Lab

Representative product
Yokohama raw caramel assortment BOX
10 pieces 1,350 yen (tax included)
Longevity: about 20 days
Specific raw materials: milk ingredients

Gramercy New York product introduction
* Sales period: October 1 (Fri)-January January 5 (Wed)

New York Gramercy district where history and culture are alive.
Sweets that combine sophisticated and stylish clothing with the delicate tastes of Japanese people
We will express it with various expressions and start with a figure suitable for this city.

Representative product is New York cheesecake
Cream cheese, Camembert cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano
A New York cheesecake made by blending cheese with a unique recipe and baking it.

New York cheesecake

Representative product
New York cheesecake
1 piece 1,620 yen (tax included)
Longevity: During the day
Specific raw materials: wheat, eggs, milk

Product introduction of Kuroichiya
* Sales period: October 1 (Fri)-January January 5 (Wed)

At Kuroichiya, a brown sugar confectionery specialty store, we deliver brown sugar in the form of the most delicious confectionery.
It's new and somehow nostalgic. Please enjoy such a retro-modern world.

Representative product is Kurodora
Soft and fluffy brown sugar dorayaki "Kurodora".
Plump and cooked red bean paste, rich dough with brown sugar scent,
The gentle sweetness of brown sugar is an elegant taste.


Representative product
1 piece 129 yen (tax included)
Shelf life: about 14 days
Specific raw materials: milk, wheat

Product introduction of sinful chestnuts
* Sales period: October 1 (Fri)-January January 5 (Wed)

A Japanese chestnut specialty store that uses chestnuts from Ehime prefecture.
We will deliver sweets that enhance the deliciousness of Waguri.

Representative product is sinful chestnut
Montblanc with plenty of Japanese chestnuts from Ehime prefecture.
The moment you put it in your mouth, you can feel the flavor of Japanese chestnuts.

Sinful chestnut

Representative product
Sinful chestnut
1 piece 2,360 yen (tax included)
Longevity: 3 days
Specific ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat