New brand appears in "Haneda Star Sweets"
"Cafe The SUN LIVES HERE" "Now On Cheese"
"Taneya" "Club Harie"

"Cafe The SUN LIVES HERE," "Now On Cheese," "Taneya," and "Club Harie" will open in "Haneda Star Sweets *" from July 1st.

If you come to Haneda Star Suites, you can always come across the hottest products. You will surely be satisfied with your souvenirs for your family and gifts for loved ones.

* A select shop of sweets that launches a star brand that opened in December 2008 from Haneda Airport nationwide and worldwide.

business hours 8: 00-18: 00
* Business hours are subject to change.
phone 「cafe The SUN LIVES HERE」「ナウオンチーズ」03-5757-8127(特選洋菓子館代表番号)
Inquiries about this matter Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. Retail Sales Dept.
Telephone 03-5757-8517 (9: 00 ~ 17: 30) ※ Saturday, Sundays and holidays except Date
Sales location Terminal 1 2F Marketplace

Handling brand

Product introduction of cafe The SUN LIVES HERE
* Sales period: July 1 2021 (Thu) September 30 (Thu)

cafe The SUN LIVES HERE is a cheesecake specialty store in Sangenjaya.
Each one is handmade.
Please enjoy the cheesecake that is particular about the ingredients.

Representative product is CHILK (plain)
A three-layer bottled cheesecake.
You can enjoy 3 kinds of flavors with each spoon.
Please enjoy the high-quality cheesecake certified as a souvenir from Setagaya.

Representative product
CHILK (plain)
1 piece 550 yen (tax included)
Longevity: 3 days refrigerated
Specific raw materials: milk / eggs

Now On Cheese Product Introduction
* Sales period: July 1 2021 (Thu) September 30 (Thu)

Now On Cheese is a cheese-based sweets shop that uses carefully selected cheeses.
We are particular about making the best use of the individuality of various cheeses.

The representative product is cheesecake sandwich
Using Hokkaido cream and Australian cream cheese, a smooth cheesecake baked slowly at a low temperature is sandwiched with a moist sable.

Now on cheese
Representative product
Cheesecake sandwich
1 piece 378 yen (tax included)
Longevity: Until the next day
Specific ingredients: wheat, eggs, milk ingredients

Product introduction of Taneya
* Sales period: July 1 2021 (Thu) August 31 (Tue)

Founded in the 5th year of the Meiji era, a Japanese sweets shop that has nurtured a deep history in the birthplace of Omi merchants.
Over 140 years since its founding, while conveying the taste of this history and tradition to the present, we have created a world of Japanese sweets unique to Taneya, honing our sensibilities in this climate and entrusting our thoughts to it, and deliver seasonal Japanese sweets. We are doing it.

Representative product ① Hadogoshi Ichiban Honsei Mizuyokan
If you carry it in a spoon, it will have a smooth and smooth texture. Keeping the flavor of Hokkaido azuki beans
It is a water yokan that pursues the original flavor and umami of azuki beans using Taneya's original "honsei manufacturing method".

Taneya 1

Representative product ①
Nodogoshi Ichiban Honsei Mizuyokan
356 yen per piece (tax included)
Longevity: 60 days
Specific raw materials: None

Representative product ② is Fukumi Tenpei
We are in the process of hand-making a flavorful red bean paste wrapped in plump fertilizer (mochi) sandwiched between fragrant seeds made from Omi glutinous rice.
You can enjoy the deliciousness of freshly made by matching it just before eating.

Taneya 2
Representative product ②
Fukumi Tenpyo
183 yen per piece (tax included)
Longevity: 23 days
Specific raw materials: None

Product introduction of Club Harrier
* Sales period: July 1 2021 (Thu) August 31 (Tue)

A patisserie born from the long-established Japanese sweets shop "Taneya" in Omihachiman, Shiga Prefecture.
Pastry chefs who have won domestic and international competitions hone their skills and sensibilities to create a variety of sweets with unique colors, such as the glass painting "Harie", which is also the origin of the brand name.

Representative product is Baumkuchen
Baumkuchen is a special Baumkuchen that is carefully baked by craftsmen.
We continue to pursue true taste with our reliable technique that has been devised for many years, while maintaining our thorough commitment to materials and the old-fashioned manufacturing method.
The soft, moist and deep taste is a specialty of Club Harrier.


Representative product
1 piece 1,188 yen-5,940 yen (tax included)
Longevity: 7 days
Specific raw materials: wheat, eggs, milk ingredients