Temporary change of Free Shuttle Bus service time between terminals

With the impact of the new coronavirus, between terminals Free Shuttle Bus, along with the changes the operation interval, will be suspended service for part of the route.
We apologize for the inconvenience, thank you much for your understanding and cooperation.

Route A: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 between the contact bus
Route B: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 intercellular communication bus
Route C: Terminal 2, Terminal 3 between the shuttle bus (midnight)

【change point】
Route A (Terminal 1-Terminal 2-Terminal 3 between)
4:48 from service at 24:00 4-minute intervals
(After the change)
2020 July 1 from - for the time being 5:00 24:00 Service at an extraordinary diamond
Route B (Terminal 1-Terminal 2 between)
5:02 from service at 24:02 4-minute intervals
(After the change)
2020 August 24 for the time being -Suspended service

Route C (Terminal 2-Terminal 3 between (midnight))
1:10 to service at 4:25 every 30 minutes
(After the change)
2020 May 12- for the time being suspended service

Timetable after the change, please check the following.
 August 24 timetable from

It should be noted that, in our transit customers each terminal information counter of the target across the terminal, Keikyu Line of the Monorail Terminal 1 ⇔ Terminal 3 between, Terminal 2 ⇔ Terminal 3 "transit ride that can be used between we have distributed the votes "for free.
Please use the direction of hurry.
Detail is Going Between Terminals page Inner "Keikyu Line Please check the Monorail".